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Jordan Gurney Profile Picture Owner JG Portal

Jordan Gurney

Owner / Lead Architect / Developer


Hi! Welcome to! My name is Jordan Gurney, Owner / Operator of JG Portal. Throughout my software engineering career, I've been a T-SQL Database Architect, Software Design and Implementation Architect, Application Programmer, Front-end Web Developer, Database Administrator, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer and a SQL Server Reporting Services Report Writer. In the last several years, it has been my passion to research new, innovative technologies, in order to develop news ways for small businesses to visualize, manage and maintain their data, in a more efficient, productive, automated and hassle-free way. JG Portal is the product of the vast amount of industry experience that I've had, A partnership with other vendors and companies that have allowed me to purchase and use some of their higher-end data visualization components and tools, and my own contributions in a few open-source development communities that have allowed me to introduce, high-quality, open-source components into the JG Portal project.

Today, JG Portal stands as a large "Demo" site that features a large range of use-cases for businesses, that boil down to 3 major pillars of the goal behind this project for myself and my team. We want businesses to be able to use any web-based device they choose, to manage and secure their data with the ability to access it anywhere, and at anytime. We want businesses to have the ability to upload their files and documents into the cloud and feel safe in knowing the multiple layers of encryption protection, backup solutions, and geo-redundancy server failover solutions that we incorporated to protect their data (whether it be in file form or in a backend database that is made accessible directly through our user interfaces) is working 24/7. We have developed and partnered with companies that have provided us the rights to use a suite of high-end data visualization and reporting tools for business intelligence, financial and reporting purposes as well as practical applications such as calculating a set of numbers for various business functions, etc. We have brought all of these components and technologies together into one, integrated, inter-connected application, that can support hundreds of users, all collaborating and interacting concurrently through our web-based interface.

We're glad you stopped by and hope you will reach out and get a free, live demo and allow us to answer any questions you may have! We look forward to working with you!

Jordan Gurney Built Emberlit Before Founding JG Portal, where he developed, hosted and maintained the Emberlit, eCommerce website. This website supported Tax, Shipping, Payment Processing, etc.
The Company that Redefined Outdoor, Wood-Burning Stoves,, Jordan Gurney Built the HingeWorx Website and is showcasing it on JG Portal
Swinging Door Problems Solved! A Revolutionary New Door Hinge.
JG Portal's Owner and Founder Jordan Gurney Assisted Resolutions, Inc. of Bountiful, Utah to create, a  gorgeous, professional, looking website, that is Search Engine Optimized (S.E.O. or SEO Optimized).
Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Court-Ordered Services.
Jordan Gurney from JG Portal developed the website for the company name LDD Partners. LDD Partners is a firm that helps smaller businesses or startups get the funding that they need, the marketing, the business strategies, and all of the intricate details of launching a successful business handled for you.
One Stop Solution for Startup, Small & Medium-Sized Businesses.
More about google
Software made for Realtors. Social Media Working for You.

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Rashid Holder Profile Picture Senior Web Developer at JG Portal

Rashid Holder

Senior Web Developer


Hi, I'm an all round programmer that's been looking at various code and code like languages for the past 16+ years, from C to python and everything inbetween. Along the way I've even dabbled in mobile apps and websites alike! Having won a few local competitions and as well I decided to start my own budding business, Caved Geeks which is on it's way to great success.

Slow Food Barbados
Slow Food Barbados is a non-profit organization
Armed with Ideas
A Barbadian Web Design Company
Carib Chat
A wordpress theme made for Carib Chat
iOS app to mimic the contents of UWITube
UWITube Android
Android app to mimic the contents of UWITube
Barbados Vocational Training Board
The Barbados Vocational Training Board Website
My Fiverr profile and the related gigs I offer
I specialize in the latest web languages to provide future looking web development needs

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Carissa Bauman Profile Picture, Chief Marketing Manager at JG Portal

Carissa Bauman

Chief Marketing Manager


Hello! My names Carissa and I am the Chief Marketing Manager here at JG Portal. I handle all of the Marketing and Client Relations for Jordan and his team. I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Music Business in 2013 and have since been using it to work in various industries handling all social media and management needs for clients across the US. I am fluent in most Social Media Networks including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google +, and Instagram as well as website/blog management and more traditional forms of Marketing such as mailers (both physical and online), ad spec design and cold - warm prospecting.

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Arif Hossain Profile Picture, Senior Web Developer at JG Portal

Arif Hossain

Senior Web Developer


Hi! I am Arif Hossain. I have completed my graduation as a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering from the American International University in Bangladesh. After completing my graduation, I began freelancing from December 2011 as a full time freelancer, taking on various web development projects, and enhancing and improving my web development skills and abilities in my own time. I can now comfortably say that I have a fundamental knowledge of web design and web development. I have over 3 years of experience in this field, not only working as a freelancer, but also learning on my own during my spare time. I have developed and designed dozens of websites from the ground up. I have worked vigorously on mastering my skills in HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Foundation, Wordpress CMS, and much, much more. I also work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as often as possible, and have become very proficient with that in the last several years. I always work hard to satisfy my clients (internal or external) by providing high quality work, a upbeat and positive attitude, and a responsive and dependable track-record of someone who can be counted on. I take great pride in my integrity and my outstanding work ethic. I am happy to be a part of the JG Portal team, and have been treated very well here.

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