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Data Grid Demos

These advanced Data Grids provide a way for you and your employees to easily access, manage, modify and track changes to any data that is important for your business. Our fast, sleek, and very user-friendly, web-based grids allow users to view, create, edit, delete, sort and search / filter through your data, with advanced and unique capabilities that are shown in each grid demo on this page. For example, our hierarchy grids show that all of these things can still be done and even go a step further to show nested grids within grids for parent-child relationships, up to three levels deep. We also have a high performance grid that is currently storing over one million rows to demonstrate how extremely fast and performant the grid is in maintaining it's speed. It searches / filters, sorts, adds, edits, deletes, etc. usually in just milliseconds, despite the extremely large set of data that it's storing. All of our data grids give you the capability to choose the specific columns within that grid, that fit your needs and are tailored to your specific functions within the organization.