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File and Document Portal

JG Portal's File Portal component is based on an incredible piece of open-source software called "el Finder". This original component was developed for the web programming language "PHP", but was later adopted into a flavor of Microsoft's web-based programming language: "ASP.NET" (the language of JG Portal). Our company was fortunate enough to acquire this open-source component, and integrate it into our highly secure, encrypted back-end storage. Accessible via cloud, we offer high amounts of disk space for extremely competitive pricing, with nightly backups and other safety measures to keep your files and documents safe. We also have worked very hard to integrate this component into our user and roles-based permissions mechanism within the site so that everyone with access has access to their files, anywhere and anytime. Those that don't have permission are blocked from any access whatsoever. As with the other components within JG Portal, the File Portal feature can integrate into other pieces of data stored within the application, and real-time reports can link to the data stored within this component - making it highly unique and customizable for each businesses specific needs. We work hard to tailor every feature of JG Portal to the specific needs of each of our customers.